Amore Complex Care provides skilled and experienced mental health workers to service users throughout the UK. With a person-centred approach to care that focuses on realising the aspirations of the individual, Amore Complex Care has been able to successfully impact the lives of many. We have catered for packages of care across a range of specialisms ranging from 6 hours of support at any one time to 24-hour care. We are confident we can meet your staffing requirements no matter what they may be.

Safety is our priority

The first part of our service is to carry out a full risk assessment. Safety is imperative and the thoroughness of our risk assessment ensures all possible difficulties and challenges are properly identified and mitigated. From there, we then liaise with the patient’s immediate circle – their family, their guardians, their current care professionals – to get a comprehensive picture of their needs and ambitions, and an idea of how best to manage their care going forward.

Rigorous recruitment process

Once we have a clear picture of the most beneficial way to care for the individual, we can then go about partnering them with experienced mental health workers who are perfectly suited to the role. Careers in mental health have a range of qualitative requirements: fully enhanced DBS checks, face to face interviews, having solid references, as well as meeting any training requirements.

We recruit candidates based on their precise suitability for the role, whether we are recruiting for mental health support worker jobs or mental health nurse jobs. Working in mental health is contingent on having a very particular set of skills. They must be able to form trusting relationships and work tirelessly with others to reach the best possible outcome for the individuals in their care.

Meet and greet service and continued care

Our meet and greet service ensures that the carer and the individual get on well and regular quality checks ensure that the same high standard of care is maintained throughout their time together.

Sustaining the individual’s health and wellbeing, and where possible, improving it, is a priority for every individual’s care. Fostering a sense of independence is also important to us, and the prospect of playing a pivotal role in fulfilling the life of someone with a mental health condition is something that drives us.