Amore Social Care is the North West’s leading provider of temporary staffing solutions for adult social services. If an unexpected absence (illness) or a planned absence (holiday) has left your organisation bereft of the staff it so desperately needs to take care of at-risk adults, Amore Social Care can help you address these issues swiftly and effectively.

We understand the importance of speed. After you’ve contacted us by email or phone, detailing your requirements, we’ll get back to you quickly with a personalised plan devised to meet your specifications.

We also understand that temporary staffing requirements for adult social care services can change quickly. And thanks to our hands-on management team, we are able to rapidly determine – and execute – the best course of action to resolve staffing issues as and when they arise. We take great care to fully grasp your needs and we work efficiently to fulfil those needs.

Understanding your precise needs

Getting a solid understanding of exactly what your staffing requirements are is central to the success of our service. We aren’t content to fit round pegs in square holes; an imperfect solution is no solution at all. Once we have an exact comprehension of your precise requirements, we can go about partnering you with the adult social workers best equipped to fulfil these requirements. That way, we can ensure that the adults under their supervision are receiving the highest possible levels of care.

Thorough recruitment process

Every candidate has to meet a round of rigorous requirements, each carried out with the intention of distinguishing the very best applicants. Enhanced DBS checks, interviews, references and tailored training are just a few of many conditions prospective candidates have to satisfy. By administering such an intensive selection procedure on your behalf, we eliminate the need for your organisation to go through the time-consuming vetting process.

Temporary to permanent recruitment

We show the same diligence and thoroughness in our more permanent recruitment strategies. Our temporary to permanent service gives clients the opportunity to trial workers for a time before they decide whether or not to hire them on a full time basis. We are also able to source candidates for full time positions through our dedicated recruitment consultant, who has an impressive track record of pairing suitable applicants with social care organisations.