Clap for our Heroes

As we join the nation again to ‘Clap for our Heroes’ tonight from within the safety of our own homes, we would like to share and give recognition to the incredible work of one of our contractors, Adriana Miyaji-Turcu.

Adriana has been supporting a children’s service in North-East Wales which provides integrated residential, education and care packages for children with a range of complex needs.

Sadly, the service has had an outbreak of Covid causing many of the residential flats to be in isolation. Many children, staff and management have tested positive and unfortunately a few have been hospitalised. Adriana has continued to work at the service to ensure it has the support it needs and has been supported by Amore’s Chester branch throughout.

She has also taken extra measures with choosing to solely work for this service to avoid cross-contamination between services and limiting her activity outside of work to minimise her contact with others and the chances of contracting the virus.

Adriana also chose to work throughout the whole of the Christmas period and has made other sacrifices including putting her own career on hold by delaying taking her Pharmaceutical registration examination in favour of continuing to work at the Children’s service.

Thank you Adriana for your amazing dedication to supporting this service, and to ALL our heroes for the remarkable work you are doing.