Day #17

The reward for the cutest design we received must go to the Christmas card design entry behind door #17 which was submitted by one of the Complex Care clients, SB, with the help of one of our support workers, Christina Wallington. We absolutely love all the colour and the jolly penguin in this design!

Reason #17 to work with the Amore Group

One of the many reasons to work with our Amore Complex Care division is our focus on client safety. Before the package commences, to ensure the safety of the client and staff, a thorough implementation plan takes place.

To begin with, an initial assessment takes place including completing the assessment documentation and risk assessments around staffing, behaviour and building risks. At this stage information will also be gathered regarding staff preferences and training requirements, including identifying if involvement from the branch nurse is required or CPI instructor.

A staffing team will then be recruited in line with the identified client’s requirements and our rigorous compliance checks. To further ensure an appropriate match between the client and staffing team, an initial meet and greet will take place. Following this, an in-depth care plan and further risk assessment will be completed in relation to the client, and a clinical care plan where appropriate. Aims and objectives will also be established and confirmed how they will be achieved.

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