Become a Children’s Residential Support Worker

A Children’s Residential Support Worker (CRSW) is an important role in the delivery of quality care to children living in residential services. They will support and care for children who are experiencing challenging family and/or life circumstances within a safe and secure environment. Responsibilities of the role include supporting the child’s emotional wellbeing and helping them to achieve their potential. They provide therapeutic resources that help children deal with their emotional, behavioural, and developmental needs.

The Job Role

  • Assist in daily programs including therapeutic, recreational, and daily living activities for the children at the service.
  • Maintain case management documentation, including care plans, for the children in your care.
  • Communicate with families, schools, and other agencies to support with the children’s development.
  • Work with parents, teachers, and other staff on activities, goals, and treatment plans for the children.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment for the children.

Skills & Experience

  • Experience in providing direction and guidance to promote independence, self-control, and responsibilities for self and others.
  • Confident in assisting children with activities of daily living, including personal care and meal preparation.
  • Experience of creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and stimulating environment for children.
  • Ability to foster meaningful relationships with children, families, and any other disciplinary agencies.
  • Ability to positively and effectively handle challenging or difficult situations that may arise.