Amore Nursing partners organisations and individuals with the finest nursing services available in the UK. With an exacting recruitment process, a carefully tailored service and a track record of success, Amore Nursing has a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading UK nursing agencies.

Successfully matching skilled nurses

Amore Nursing has a proven track record of successfully matching skilled nurses with organisations in the public and private sectors. The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and we take every step necessary to keep up with the demands of a high quality nursing service. Whatever your nursing requirements may be, we are confident we can help. We can provide you with nurses with a variety of specialisms – from registered nurses, mental health nurses and learning disability nurses to nurse practitioners.

We understand that the success of our service is judged on our ability to satisfy three parties – our clients, our workforce and most importantly, the patients they work with. We take our responsibility to all parties incredibly seriously.

Sourcing skilled nurses

For our clients, this means sourcing skilled nurses as quickly as possible – especially when holidays and illness create the need for fast temporary staffing solutions. All of our workforce possess the characteristics you need to succeed in nursing jobs: medical expertise, experience and a commitment to providing the highest levels of nursing care.

Consistent work

For our workforce, this means regular and fulfilling work. There is a misconception that taking nursing jobs with nursing agencies provides only inconsistent work. This simply isn’t the case; many of our nurses have been full time for years.

For our patients, this means providing them with the personalised care they need to thrive.