From giving support workers the skills they need to perform at their best to partnering the most highly skilled and best qualified support workers with the organisations that need them most, Amore Group is a multi-faceted health and social care agency with patients’ best interests at heart.

Adult Services

Amore Social Care is adept at providing adult social services with skilled staff as and when they require. It is crucial for adults with mental health issues, learning disabilities and autism to receive the care they so desperately need.


Children’s Services

Unexpected absences can throw even the best-prepared children’s care services into disarray. Fortunately, Amore Group is here to help.

Filling vacant disabled child care jobs is their strong suit. Amore Care responds quickly and effectively to clients’ requests for highly skilled children’s care workers to deliver the best solution possible for all parties.


Learning Disabilities

Support for adults with learning disabilities is crucial; it ensures they have the help they need to get on with their everyday lives. Amore Complex Care establish the desired outcomes for the individuals we support from the very start.

Our Care team liaise with the service users support network, health and social care professionals to implement a support plan that is centred around their needs, whilst establishing the desired short, medium and long term goals.

Mental Health Care

Amore Complex Care provides skilled and experienced mental health workers to service users throughout the UK. With a person-centred approach to care that focuses on realising the aspirations of the individual, Amore Complex Care has been able to successfully impact the lives of many.

Having catered for packages of care ranging from 5 hours a week to full-time 24/7 support, we are confident we can meet your staffing requirements no matter what they may be.

Adult's Autism Support

Amore Complex Care partners adults with ASD and associated complex needs with skilled workers that can help promote their independence and improve their health and wellbeing.

Regulated by the Care of Quality Commission and with a proven track record of success and a rigorous recruitment process that is designed to meet the specific needs of every individual, Amore Complex Care’s care at home services are highly esteemed and well-respected.

Amore Complex Care

Fantastic complex care services give clients the assistance they require to get through their daily lives whilst allowing them the breathing room they need to maintain their independence.
Amore Complex Care matches quality support workers and carers with individuals that need their support.


Amore Nursing provides health care organisations with the qualified registered nurses they need to be successful.

Their history of factoring organisations’, nurses’ and patients’ needs into their solutions has seen them garner a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading nursing agencies in the North West.


Amore Education give your workforce the skills they need to provide the very highest standards of education.

Amore Education has helped schools and secondary education throughout the North West to fill their planned and unplanned absences, with stringent checks on individuals to ensure only the highest calibre of staffing are selected to work with the end users.