World Mental Health Day 2021

This year’s World Mental Health Day slogan is “Mental health care for all: let’s make it a reality”.

2020 highlighted the inequalities people face accessing mental health services which was further exacerbated by the pandemic. In low- and middle-income countries between 75% to 95% of people with mental health disorders are unable to access mental health services.

People who experience mental health problems are often affected in other areas of their lives including in education, job prospects and their current and future relationships. World Mental Health Day is about raising awareness of these inequalities that people experiencing mental health problems face and creating an open platform for people to discuss how it can be addressed.

Here at Amore Group, we support many clients with mental health needs. Our skilled and experienced mental health workers work tirelessly to create safe and secure environments to sustain the individual’s health and wellbeing, and where possible, improving it.

We have been supporting client A for over two years who previously lived in an acute rehabilitation setting. As client A become ready for discharge, Amore initially supported the client in sourcing a property. During this period the staffing team and Case Officer visited the client 4 hours a week to increase the staffing’s team familiarity with the client’s needs and to ensure the client felt confident and could begin building trusting relationships with the people that would be supporting them.

In September 2020 we were delighted to finally be supporting the client in transitioning into their own property on a 1:1 basis, 24 hours a day. The team completed a bespoke training programme to understand how to best meet the client’s needs in addition to following strict protocols with the client. Fast forward to November 2020 where the client has officially been discharged and commenced her Community Treatment Order.

The staffing team complete weekly ‘listening to me’ sessions to truly understand how the client is feeling and to allow any issues to be addressed imminently. Client A has become more confident in accessing the community, using the local bus service and is currently planning a holiday to Benidorm as well as having her very own pet dog in the home!

Are you looking for a provider who is confident in providing person-centred care to individuals with mental health difficulties or perhaps you’re interested in a position as a mental health support worker yourself? Contact us today on 0333 200 5132 or email