Amore Complex Care partners adults with ASD and associated complex needs with skilled workers that can help promote their independence and improve their health and wellbeing. Regulated by the Care of Quality Commission and with a proven track record of success and a rigorous recruitment process that is designed to meet the specific needs of every individual, Amore Complex Care’s care at home services are highly esteemed and well-respected.

Person-centred care

The client’s safety is paramount and a comprehensive risk assessment that precedes their partnership with a carer guarantees every possible difficulty or complication is accounted for. Following this – with the aim of fostering their independence and enriching their health and wellbeing – we produce a person-centred plan for the client by working closely with their family/guardians and health and social care professionals. Because of the involvement of their immediate circle, we know we have formulated a plan that tallies with their precise needs.

Once we have a clear picture of exactly what their needs are, we can begin looking for a worker with the appropriate skills and personality to take care of them. Whether they are going to be working at autism specific services, at the individual’s home or elsewhere, all applicants are subject to the same exact requirements. A DBS check, an interview, references and relevant training are all prerequisites.

Meet and greet service

A positive relationship between the person being cared for and their worker is integral to the success of their care. To ensure this is the case, we operate a meet and greet service which gives the individual an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the worker. Following a successful meet and greet service, the prospective candidate will then participate in a number of shadow shifts to gain a complete understanding of the particularities of the role.

Routine can be key to successfully supporting autistic adults, and as a result, we endeavour to consistently partner our clients with the workers they are most familiar with. We aspire to provide the highest possible levels of care, and the results we have garnered from our years of working alongside adults with autism have been inspiring and incredibly rewarding. We hope we can do the same for you.