Amore Complex Care has a proven track record of helping children with complex care needs get the support they need. Partnering highly skilled workers with special needs children and children’s mental health services is our speciality, and our service is an outstanding choice for those with complex care staffing requirements.

Comprehensive risk assessment

The safety of the individual is always our number one priority. After being commissioned to put together a tailored package of care, our first step is to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment. It gives us a detailed understanding of the potential challenges.

Person-centred plan

To put together a person-centred plan, we work hand-in-hand with the individual’s closest circle of supporters – their family or guardian and their current health and social care professionals. We are then fully aware of the breadth of challenges to achieve their defined outcomes and we can develop a plan that factors in all of the individual’s particular needs.

Thorough recruitment process

Once we have a formulated a plan for care, we can then go about sourcing a support worker who’s skills synchronise with the child’s needs. Our recruitment process is rigorous, and any prospective candidates have to be able to meet a range of qualitative requirements. Obtaining a fully enhanced DBS check, an interview process, providing solid references and completing any training requirements are all prerequisites.

Meet and greet service

Part and parcel of successful care is a healthy relationship between the carer and the individual. That is why we carry out a meet and greet service. It gives both parties the chance to get to know each other before care begins. The proposed support worker will then accompany the child’s current caregiver on a number of shadow shifts to ensure they have a firm grasp of the child’s needs.

Continued support

Our role doesn’t end at having successfully partnered skilled workers with a child with complex care needs. We are committed to playing a continued role in their ongoing care. Regular quality checks ensure the highest possible levels of care are maintained throughout. Not only will the worker be responsible for their care be continually assessed but so too will the quality of our overall service.

We set specific goals for every individual under our care and we work tirelessly to ensure these goals are realised.