• Dec 21 2020
    Day #21
    Today’s design comes from one of our Complex Care clients, L. We love the different materials and texture that L has included in his Christmas creation to make this no ordinary Christmas tree! Reason #21 to work with the Amore Group In our most recent CQC inspection, our Amore Complex Care provision

Day #20

Behind door #20 is this very professional design from one of our support workers, Juris Savostijanovs! Thank your Juris for taking part in our Christmas

Day #19

Door #19 comes from one of our support staff, Teri Barnes. Teri submitted a lovely comment alongside her design, “After what has been the worst

Day #18

Design #18 is this amazing design submitted for our Christmas Card competition from Stella Bell! We cannot believe this was done using coloured pencils only.

Day #17

The reward for the cutest design we received must go to the Christmas card design entry behind door #17 which was submitted by one of

Day #16

This gorgeous design comes from Helen Mills. We love how the Amore Group logo is disguised within the reindeer’s head! Reason #16 to join the Amore