• Oct 31 2021
    Dare to join us?
    Dare to join us? With Halloween around the corner, why not do something scary this week like starting something new and joining the Amore Group. We appreciate leaving a company where you have may have worked for years and starting a new job can feel really daunting, though our friendly recruitment

Apprenticeship Opportunity

Here at Amore Group we recognise the importance of investing in young people. We want to help young people as they transition from education into

Wear it Pink Day 2021

We had a great time on Friday giving everyone an excuse to wear pink and get involved in Wear it Pink Day 2021 to show

Contractor of the Month

One of the many benefits of being a contractor with the Amore Group is our Contractor of the Month recognition scheme! Each month we award

Testimonial Tuesday

Feedback is essential to our service. It helps us to step back, reflect and evaluate how we are doing. Are we meeting the needs of