Carers Week

Today marks the start of Carers Week and we want to magnify the amazing work that carers do to help ‘Make Caring Visible’.

So what is a carer? Carers provide unpaid support to a family member, a friend, or just someone they know that is in need to ensure they have the assistance they require to go about their daily lives.

They may support with shopping, personal care, providing company or cooking them their tea. The life of the loved one could have changed overnight meaning they were thrown into the role unexpectedly. Often the carer will not recognise the full-scale of the responsibilities they have taken on, or even see themselves as a carer.

To help make caring more visible and show our support for a community where carers hold a valued place, for which they are an integral role, we have added our voice to the Carers Week ‘Wall of Voices’.

You can add yours too by visiting