Join Marco Catena in walking 21.5 miles for Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance

Today we are sharing Marco’s story of being a Hillsborough Survivor.

Marco Catena has worked for the Amore Group for over 8 years, joining the company back in 2014. When Marco was 25 years old, he attended the fateful match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough stadium.

Marco was very fortunate to survive, however has been deeply affected by the events that day. After shutting himself away for many years he found comfort in the Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance (HSA).

HSA are a non-profit organisation run by survivors of the Hillsborough Disaster. Meeting on the 15th of each month, survivors of the Hillsborough disaster meet to share their experiences and support each other following the events on the 15th April 1989. The organisation arranges various fundraising initiatives to contribute to the funding for therapies for survivors, including a new therapy programme that has been designed by survivors for survivors.

Marco has been fortunate to have been able to access support through the new therapy programme which he has found hugely beneficial, and gives credit to the therapist running the programme, Pat Shea Halson.

In order for HSA to be able to continue providing the life-changing therapy to survivors, members of HSA will be walking 21.5 miles later this week on Saturday, 2nd July 2022, to raise funds for the training programme to ensure this can be accessed by all who were at Hillsborough that day. The walk will begin at Anfield stadium, passing through Goodison, Marine, Aintree and AXA Training ground, before ending back at Anfield stadium.

If you would like to support Marco in walking 21.5 miles to raise funds for the therapy programme HSA provide, please visit:

Fundraiser by Diane Lynn : Merseyside Sports Tour (