Love to Care Stories

Amore, the Italian word for ‘love’ which translates (quite literally) in everything that we do here at the Amore Group.

Our Amore Social Care division LOVES being the contingency plan that our clients can depend upon when they need a helping hand. We can provide the perfect staffing solution when they are desperately in need and ensure they can continue to provide support to those that need it most.

Amore Complex Care LOVE providing person-centred care packages that will positively transform the lives of the individuals in our care. We measure the success of our service by the achievements of our service users.

But it is not just us that loves what we do.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we would share a few love stories of our own, starting tomorrow with Anthony Brumfitt. Anthony is a support worker at the Amore Group, and tomorrow he shares why he #lovestocare just as much now as when he started his career in care 10 years ago.