National Inclusion Week 2021

This week marks National Inclusion Week, a week designed to celebrate everyday inclusion in all its forms.

People perform better when they feel they can be themselves so here at Amore Group we work hard to create an environment where we encourage you too simply be YOU.

We ensure that our culture and working practices are strong and support a vibrant community where everyone is engaged and made to feel safe and valued, whether by way of employment, service provision or association.

For the adults, children and young people that we support, we ensure staff are trained, and continually made aware of, the importance of not stereotyping and taking positive action to enhance the life chances of those who experience discrimination or disadvantage and ensure that people have access to the services to which they are entitled.

We ensure our staffing teams are knowledgeable of the special cultural requirements and customs associated with different ethnic groups and religions and how to be aware and plan future services to meet the changing cultural and social needs of our clients.

We encourage you to have your own conversation about Inclusion and Diversity. Break the taboo and don’t let the difficult topics get missed, here’s a few tips to make the conversation a success:

  • Make it comfortable, bring a brew and have a chat with plenty of biscuits too!
  • Check the person is ‘okay’ about having the conversation and to let you know if they feel awkward at any time
  • Keep it open to allow room for discussion… “tell me more…”
  • While it’s important to keep the conversation flowing, make sure you listen too!

Lastly let us be involved in these discussions too, why not tag us at @AmoreGroup sharing your own experiences of diversity and inclusion!