Professional Care Workers Day. Time to celebrate caring roles.

Patience and empathy

Everything care workers do has a big impact on the person who is being cared for. Patience and empathy are the most important qualities that a care worker can have. These personality traits can often be underrated and overlooked.

Making other people happy and comfortable is one of the most important jobs in the world and is a big part of working on the care front line. Care workers perform a vital role in our society. Anyone involved in the care sector should feel proud of what they achieve every day and believe it is worth celebrating.

Professional Care Workers Day

This year, national Professional Care Workers Day takes place on 4th September. This is the second time this day has been celebrated. It has the aim of celebrating care workers everywhere and raising awareness of the importance of their role. Look out on social media for the hashtag #ProfessionalCareWorkersDay and see how you can help raise awareness too.

At Amore Group we try and make sure that our whole team feels appreciated and valued for what they do. Health and social care is a huge sector and Amore Group candidates have a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. From working with adults with mental health or learning disabilities to supporting young people or children who may have highly complex needs, the range is enormous.

We are large enough to cope with the sector’s demands but we pride ourselves on maintaining a personal approach. If you would like to help people and make their lives better, regardless of your qualifications or educational background, you might be interested in a career in caring. If you would like to find out more about what has been described as one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, please get in touch with us.