Reach out on World Friendship Day

Tuesday 30th July is World Friendship Day. What better time to emphasise the importance of human interaction to all of us to stay healthy?

At the moment, around half of people aged 75 and over in the UK live on their own, while about a fifth of the population claim that they are lonely. Social isolation is really harmful to our health and wellbeing. Research shows that social isolation is a comparable risk factor for early death to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.  Furthermore, it is actually worse than other risk factors such as obesity and lack of exercise!

Having regular visits from a carer can be absolutely essential. For many people, whatever their age or social situation, their carer provides a vital link to the outside world.  Consequently, knowing that they will see a friendly face can make all the difference to how they feel.

The role of a social care worker can take many forms. Some people need help with personal care or assistance with preparing food and eating. Others may have mobility needs or need assistance with taking part in social activities or going shopping. Whatever the need, carers have the opportunity to provide the personal touch that can make a real difference in someone’s life and a role in social care can be incredibly fulfilling.

Amore Group is currently recruiting for a variety of roles in the social care sector. If you are looking for work in the care sector, whatever your background or experience, please get in touch to see how our recruitment experts can help you find the perfect position.