Teamwork makes the dream work!

Each month we recognise the hard work and dedication of our contractors through our Contractor of the Month scheme.

From our Amore Complex Care division, our Widnes branch have made a very special nomination this month, nominating not an individual though a whole team of individuals who work supporting our client L on one of our complex care packages.

The team is made up of the Stephen Orme, Martin McCready, Neil Dean, George Ellis, Daniel McKibbin. Ade Oyewole, Darren Hailwood and Alex Donnie. All the team have worked on this package for over 3 years, with some members supporting L for 5 years. To ensure continuity in the package the team solely work with L, providing support to a high standard and not picking up any alternative shifts to ensure L has a strong permanent team that he is familiar with.

The team have made extraordinary progress with L who is now able to walk independently and no longer uses a wheelchair, his personal care has improved dramatically, and he has lost an incredible 3 stone. Reflecting on the team’s biggest achievement, our Regional Complex Care Manager, Joanne Aiken, commented:

“When Amore started supporting L in 2017 he was restricted in a wheelchair, the staffing team that still support him now have guided and supported him to feel confident to lose his chair and he walked into school for the first time in many years without a mechanical device that was not required.  This was and still is after 30 years in the care sector my greatest satisfaction, I can only congratulate the team!”

During lockdown to try and minimise disruption that the restrictions have brought, the team have offered L alternative activities within the home including ‘chippy nights’, cooking his favourite meal that he would normally order and facilitating contact with his mum through FaceTime. The team have even taken to making the property more homely during lockdown, including repairing the bathroom themselves. To ensure L is still able to safely exercise, the team have pre-assessed places of interest and ensure L has had his walks in empty parks.

On putting the team forward for the award, Peggie Gleeson, Senior Complex Care Case Officer, commented,

“I could not single out one of these individuals, they are all so deserving of this award which is why I have had to put the whole team forward. They all work incredibly hard as a team to provide the very best support to L, showing extremely high levels of dedication to this package to ensure continuity in the support L receives. During the pandemic, the team have gone above and beyond, adapting and coming up with new creative ideas to minimise disruption for the client caused by the restrictions in place. Paperwork is always completed to a high standard and emailed across within 48 hours.”

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for your continued hard work and dedication.