Working with HMP Forest Bank

As many of you return to work this week after the Christmas break, our amazing staff here at the Amore Group have continued to work throughout the festive period to ensure that our service delivery is not compromised, and those individuals that are most vulnerable receive the support they need.

To try and beat the January blues (and after this week’s announcement!) we thought we would spread a little positivity by sharing what our contractors and directors got up to over the festive break.

Our directors, Ian and Gareth, were busy delivering care and food parcels to HMP Forest Bank for those that were being released on Christmas Eve.

The prison had identified around 20 people that were leaving on Christmas Eve who were effectively being released homeless after places promised in rehabilitation centres were no longer available due to COVID-19.

This meant they would be reliant on food banks and soup kitchens, which are already facing staggering demand from the impact the pandemic has had on many in addition to how Christmas fell, meaning there were two bank holidays resulting in further increased demand.

Our directors were saddened by the idea that these individuals would have nowhere to go and little to leave with once they took their first few steps through the prison gates. To help make this less daunting they have donated boxes of food, juices and basic toiletries that have been gratefully received by all at HMP Forest Bank.