World Youth Skills Day 2020

Today marks World Youth Skills Day 2020 which highlights the importance of equipping young people with the right skills for employment.

By 2021, 273 million young people are estimated to not be in employment, education or training. Here at Amore Group we are committed to helping reduce this number by offering apprenticeships.

Dan and Michael share their experience of completing an apprenticeship with the Amore Group before being offered full-time positions in our Payroll department.

Dan’s story…

“I started my apprenticeship in November 2013. Completing it with Amore Group was great. I was utilised across different departments within the company which allowed me to get an insight into how they all operate. I achieved an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and then went on to complete the Level 3. The apprenticeship helped enhance my confidence, communication skills and motivation, as well as giving me valuable experience in a workplace. I have now been in a full-time employment with the company since completing the apprenticeship in 2014.”

Michael’s story…

“I started my apprenticeship in 2016, achieving a level 2 in Business Admin. During my apprenticeship I developed many skills such as how to complete various office tasks and in-depth knowledge of the software used for the payroll system here. My colleagues and seniors provided plenty of support, giving me an overview of the expectations of working in an office environment. I enjoyed my time working through the apprenticeship and after working with the Amore Group for almost 4 years, I still do.”

If you are interested in completing an apprenticeship with us, contact us today on 0333 200 5132 or email