• Jul 30 2020
    International Friendship Day
    Today marks International Friendship Day, also known as World Friendship Day. The idea of today is to honour and celebrate those friendships that mean so much to you and to bring people together during these unprecedented times. Whether it’s through exchanging gifts, or finally finding 5 minutes to give a friend

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International Friendship Day

Today marks International Friendship Day, also known as World Friendship Day.

The idea of today is to honour and celebrate those friendships that mean so much to you and to bring people together during these unprecedented times. Whether it’s through exchanging gifts, or finally finding 5 minutes to give a friend a call, there are many ways to show your appreciation.

Here at the Amore Group, we also value friendships. So much so, that one of the many benefits of being an existing contractor with the Amore Group is our Refer a Friend Scheme.

We will pay you £100 for every friend you refer and £250 for every nurse you recommend, once they have completed 100 hours of work with us.

Why not show your appreciation today by gifting your friend with a rewarding career in care?

For more information please contact us on 0333 200 5132 or email enquiries@amore-group.co.uk.💚

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Client Testimonial

“Can you please pass on our thanks to all the staff who worked on site yesterday whilst our staff were having a training day. The feedback we have had from our education, health and redeployed staff was that it was a very positive morning, the staff and the young people were happy, and the agency staff used worked really well. A massive thank you from us all!”

Some great feedback our Liverpool Amore Social Care branch recently received from a service manager in Saint Helens! Well done to all of you!

Gaining feedback from our clients is hugely important to us. It allows us to assess whether we are meeting our client’s needs, or whether we can support our clients further. We regularly complete client satisfaction surveys to effectively monitor the service we provide, as well as operating an open-door policy and welcoming feedback at any time.

Whether it is supporting our Amore Social Care clients with providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions or providing a person-centred care package to our Amore Complex Care clients, we are confident in our ability to provide a high-quality service.

Are you looking for a health and social care provider that truly listens to what their clients need and regularly monitors to see that those needs are being met? Contact the Amore Group today on 0333 200 5132 or email enquiries@amore-group.co.uk. 💚


Company branded Face Masks!

To ensure the safety of our staff and contractors are not compromised as they continue to fulfil a key role during the pandemic, we are providing all our staff and contractors with a company branded face mask made from nanotech cotton.

This material reduces the spread of the virus by guarding against droplets entering or leaving your mouth and nose.

These masks can be washed up to 100 times ensuring our staff are protected for a long period of time!

Have a look at Diane, Anthony, Ella and Connor modelling these below.

Thanks to the guys at Noble Fox Tailoring for designing and producing these for us!


Our new office safety measures…

Our branches have had a new look recently as we have been busy assembling desk dividers, putting up hand sanitiser stations, creating posters and applying floor markings and stickers for office safety and hygiene during the pandemic.

The safety of our staff is paramount to us, so we have introduced a range of new measures and practices to protect our staff and support in reducing the spread of the virus.

Staff members are asked to check their temperature at the start of the day and to regularly wash their hands and use the hand sanitiser stations provided, as well as disinfect surfaces and ensure they do not share equipment or desks. Our new floor markings will also ensure we keep a 2-metre distance from others, and the glass desk dividers provide added protection to keep our staff safe and comfortable whilst at work.

Take a look at the changes we have made for yourself by viewing the video below…💚


Kayleigh and Ella share their apprenticeship experiences..

Following on from World Youth Skills Day yesterday, we continue to highlight today how we are invested in supporting young people to acquire the right skills and to be successful in their employment search.

Kayleigh and Ella provide their experiences of completing an apprenticeship at the Amore Group and how this has led to them both acquiring full-time positions as placement officers.

Kayleigh shares her story below…

“My apprenticeship with the Amore Group started in March 2015, which I went on to complete my Level 2 and 3 in Business Administration. I have then been in a full-time position at Amore ever since! The apprenticeship allowed me to develop my career by having the opportunity to experience a variety of different roles, alongside the support I received from my team and management. It allowed me to strengthen my employability skills, including my customer service and time management skills and to gain a deeper understanding of the health and social care industry.”

Ella discusses her experience below…

“I started my apprenticeship with Amore in August 2015, where I gained my NVQ level 2 and 3 in Business Administration on completion. It was a positive experience where I was supported by the directors and my amazing team who helped me not only to gain confidence but to be conscientious within my duties. My apprenticeship helped me with my employment by learning to look at the bigger picture and taught me how to perform well under pressure. I am now coming up to my 5 year work anniversary at the Amore Group!”

Ready to have your own story to share next World Youth Skills Day? Contact us today on 0333 200 5132 or email enquiries@amore-group.co.uk to discuss our apprenticeship scheme. 💚


World Youth Skills Day 2020

Today marks World Youth Skills Day 2020 which highlights the importance of equipping young people with the right skills for employment.

By 2021, 273 million young people are estimated to not be in employment, education or training. Here at Amore Group we are committed to helping reduce this number by offering apprenticeships.

Dan and Michael share their experience of completing an apprenticeship with the Amore Group before being offered full-time positions in our Payroll department.

Dan’s story…

“I started my apprenticeship in November 2013. Completing it with Amore Group was great. I was utilised across different departments within the company which allowed me to get an insight into how they all operate. I achieved an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and then went on to complete the Level 3. The apprenticeship helped enhance my confidence, communication skills and motivation, as well as giving me valuable experience in a workplace. I have now been in a full-time employment with the company since completing the apprenticeship in 2014.”

Michael’s story…

“I started my apprenticeship in 2016, achieving a level 2 in Business Admin. During my apprenticeship I developed many skills such as how to complete various office tasks and in-depth knowledge of the software used for the payroll system here. My colleagues and seniors provided plenty of support, giving me an overview of the expectations of working in an office environment. I enjoyed my time working through the apprenticeship and after working with the Amore Group for almost 4 years, I still do.”

If you are interested in completing an apprenticeship with us, contact us today on 0333 200 5132 or email enquiries@amore-group.co.uk.