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Contractor of the Month

Our Contractor of the Month recognition scheme is just one of the many ways here at the Amore Group that we ensure our contractors feel

Day #23

Door 23 is this funky Christmas fairy from a service user at a rehabilitation service for women with complex mental health needs that our Amore

Day #22

Behind door 22 is this gorgeous Christmas photo from one of our support staff, Hayley McCarthy. We are not sure the cat is the biggest

Day #21

Today’s design comes from one of our Complex Care clients, L. We love the different materials and texture that L has included in his Christmas

Day #20

Behind door #20 is this very professional design from one of our support workers, Juris Savostijanovs! Thank your Juris for taking part in our Christmas

Day #19

Door #19 comes from one of our support staff, Teri Barnes. Teri submitted a lovely comment alongside her design, “After what has been the worst